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Welcome to The Paradigm Grid.  We are a unique enterprise focused on the evolving relationship between man and machine.  We are also a network of talented engineers and architects who reject the status quo.  Instead, our systems and designs leverage emerging technologies in ways that will become mainstream soon. 

We do not advertise and are not easily located.  Congratulations on finding us!

The Paradigm Grid is aligned to your most viable future.  We believe that your centralized, fossil fueled, grid based energy systems will be replaced with distributed, environmentally friendly, individualized energy systems.  Automation and virtualization will further reduce your energy needs while maintaining your lifestyle. 

From Home Automation to Cloud based Virtualization, we are ready with real-world solutions that save time, money, and energy.  Do you have a challenge for us?  We are privately funded, and non-political.  Leave us a message and we'll be in touch soon to discuss your specific needs.  If they align with our mission then we will immediately begin working with you to craft your custom solution.

Do you have one of our business cards?  Use it as your index here for more specific information.